10-15kg Himalayan natural salt lamp
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10-15kg Himalayan natural salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamp 10-15kg, different shapes - heights and widths


Natural - Himalayan lamp

The salt lamp is made from salt that comes from the Himalayas. It originates from a time when man had not yet polluted the environment. It stores information from the primeval sea from which all life originates. With its help, our cells feel in a healthy, energetically full original state, which is why we can rightly call it the salt of Gods and kings. Crystal Himalayan salt is a 250 million year old heritage from the primeval sea. This salt contains a multitude of minerals and micro elements, as well as healing energy. The salt lamp is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, offices, beauty salons…, as it has a soothing and relaxing effect on people with its gentle apricot light. Its light acts warmly, invigorates vitality, stimulates and strengthens the body's defenses. The positive effects of salt lamp suppress negative fluctuations in the body and the environment, helping to prevent various disease states (bronchitis, asthma, hay fever, allergies, concentration disorders, fatigue,…). Place a lamp made of Himalayan salt near radiating devices, such as e.g. computers, televisions, as they neutralizes electro smog. As a rule, one salt lamp weighing around 10 kg is enough for a space of approx. 20 m2. It is a natural ionizer and is an excellent energy purifier for the room, especially rooms, because there are problems with wall mold or moisture, as it eliminates them. The light can also be used as night lights in children's rooms, they are especially suitable for hyperactive children. Its beneficial effects help with sleep disorders, poor concentration, nervousness,…

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